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Businesses need smart uniforms to represent themselves and invoke an image of trust and authority to their clients, which in turn helps boost successful commercial transactions. Alpine Gear Performance offers you uniforms that are safe to wear for long periods, smart, practical and representative of your brand’s image. Our uniforms are not exclusive to businesses, we also supply to healthcare, hospitality, security, crime fighting, sports teams and schools.

Our price points are very flexible and despite that, we create the best designs that suit your needs and requirements (hygiene, safety, durability, etc…)

Alpine Performance Gear bears all of these factors in mind and offers you a variety of uniforms:

  • Indoor and outdoor employees’ uniforms.
  • Seasonal uniforms.
  • Branded and non-branded uniforms.
  • Promotional uniforms.

We make sure that your uniforms send a clear message about your business and is cost effective. We pride ourselves in good taste and high manufacturing standards. Work with us and take advantage of our:

  • High quality fabric.
  • Professional quality control and workmanship.
  • Customizability and flexibility.
  • Working within effective price ranges and delivery time.
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