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Sampling is a taxing and long process, so why shoulder this task alone if you can get our help? Creating samples of your designs is an essential step before moving on to production. It enables you to see the designs in real life, rectify any mistakes and make changes without having to lose your entire capital on redoing thousands or millions of pieces. And due to the importance of this step, Alpine Performance Gear helps you manufacture sample garments without delays and at the highest quality standards.

Generally, we follow 7 steps in sample garment production.

  • We make the prototype samples which are usually the first sample made based on your new design or a rough draft. It helps you define structure, decide on fabric and provide a roadmap for future alterations and corrections.
  • Next, a fit sample is made. It will help you determine the fit of the final garment: oversized, regular, fitted, etc.
  • We then make you a salesman sample that you can showcase in the showroom or handover to your sales team to do their work. Thanks to this sample, you can collect your potential buyer’s response and feedback about the style.
  • The size set sample requires multiple pieces of the garment to be made in several sizes to make sure it has the right fit across the board and to get more feedback from your potential buyer about the fit.
  • Unlike the previous sample, the Pre-production sample is made on the production line and not in the sampling room. The actual accessories, fabric and trims are used, upon your approval, we can move to…
  • Top of production sample, after production starts, a few pieces get picked and verified to make sure it’s identical to the pre-production samples.
  • Shipment sample is the final step in this process; we ship fully realized, packaged and branded samples to your warehouses to be kept as a future reference.
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